Import data

Please note: If you can enter a DOI, PMID, WOS, PPN, INSPIRE-ID or local Record-id here, this will save you a lot of time.

After entering the identifier in this field, press <TAB> or <ENTER> to start the import and wait until the system has automatically completed the form. This may take some time. You can then accept or change the information entered automatically and add information in empty fields.

This function thus allows you to import data from external bibliographic databases, which makes submitting work that has already been published much easier for you. This is possible thanks to unique identifiers for the publication. These identifiers can be found on the details pages of bibliographic databases. You can usually copy and paste them into the input field. We currently support the identifiers of the following external databases:

  • CrossRef via DOI: doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2006.11.038 (DOI on the first page of the published article)
  • Pubmed via PubMed identifier (PMID): PMID:20923669 (If the article can be found in Pubmed (, look for the PMID.)
  • arXiv via the arXiv identifier: arxiv:hep-ph/0610431 or arXiv:1112.5528 (If the preprint has been published in arXiv (, you will be able to find the information required there. Ignore the version information (the last part of the identifier starting with the letter 'v', e.g. use arXiv:1112.5528 instead of arXiv:1112.5528v2).)
  • Web of Science ( ) via the accession number: WOS:000243624600011
  • PPN from the GVK union catalogue ( ): ppn:629686653
  • INSPIRE ( ) via the INSPIRE record id: inspire:1222716 (Open the detail page of the record. You will find the record id in the url, e.g. (

Reuse data already in the system:

  • Via record id: recid:12345. This will import most of the data from your old record, leaving out e.g. the title and journal reference. The idea is to retrieve enough data to insert e.g. a larger number of contributions to a conference (posters, talks,...). Thus e.g. a title, journal reference and so on is not retrieved.
  • Article from Preprint: preprint:12345. This import will derive a journal publication from an already existing preprint. This includes all information already on the preprint including e.g. the title. Additionally, importing this way ensures a link between the preprint and the final article to be established.
  • Link multiple articles together : join:12345 Several conferences introduces "new" presentation formats recenstly, consisting basically of a number of publications for one contribution (e.g. a talk + a poster and an abstract published in a joural). Various names are common for these contributions like "PICO", "PowerPoster" etc. Using the join: import retrieves almost all data from the parent and establishes proper linkage between the individual contributions.
  • Link parts to the whole entity: using part:12345 allows to link chapters to a book, individual articles to a proceedings volume etc.
  • Create only a connection to the source record: to just link from the current record to the source record and to not import any additional data from the source record, you can use justlink:12345.

Note: To obtain the recid, open the detail page of the record. You will find the record id in the url, e.g. ( Note that instead of the record-id you can also use the identfier, e.g. FZJ-2014-00123, PUBDB-2014-0234 etc.

For books, you can enter the ISBN in the ISBN field and press <TAB> or <ENTER> to start the import. The bibliographic data will then be filled in automatically.

If you have any questions please contact your library.
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