Sandbox Web Preferences


  • Set WEBSUMMARY = Sandbox test area to experiment in an unrestricted hands-on web.
  • Set SITEMAPLIST = on

Wiki application settings

  • Set WEBFORMS =
    • Comma separated list of forms that can be attached to topics in this web. See DataForms for more information.

Access control

Users or groups who are allowed to view, change and rename topics in the Sandbox web. Empty settings are not meaningful. Remove the comment # character to enable a settting. Use * to indicate everyone including the guest users. DENY the WikiGuest user to restrict an action to authenticated (logged-in) users.

  • Set DENYWEBCHANGE = WikiGuest
  • Set DENYWEBRENAME = WikiGuest

If {FeatureAccess}{AllowRaw} is set to acl in configure, then the following rules can also be used:
  • #Set DENYWEBHISTORY = WikiGuest

If {FeatureAccess}{AllowHistory} is set to acl in configure, then the following rules can also be used:
  • #Set DENYWEBRAW = WikiGuest

Users or groups allowed to change or rename this WebPreferences topic


No permission to view RenameWeb
No permission to view PreferenceSettings

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