Document status and visibility

This field shows the status of the "approval for a scientific publication" workflow.

A traffic-light-style icon shows the status:

  • Red: The approval workflow has either not started yet, or you need to handle the appoval for this document.
  • Yellow: Someone else must do something. The mouse-over text indicates who this is.
  • Red & Green: The Approval workflow is finished,
    • but you need to complete/update the record, once the manuscript is published via
    • "Modify this record".
    • Press "Finish&Release" when done.

NB: When completing/updating the record after publication:
  • Make sure you uploaded all fulltexts (i.e. "publisher's pdf" and "accepted manuscript") if the publishers version is not open access. In the latter case the publisher's version will be kept restricted.
  • Use the import functionality, but delete all fields where you expect changes first, since importing only fills empty fields.

-- MartinKoehler - 14 Oct 2016
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