GSI publications database and project/grants

In order for a publication entry from the departments to be released for the GSI publications database as a VDB-relevant entry, at least one affiliation, i.e. "GSI…", "HI-Jena", "HI-Mainz", or "EMMI, GSI", must be listed on the original publication.

1. GSI systems

For more information, please see General systems, UNILAC, SIS18, HEST, FRS, ESR, CRYRING, HEBT, Super-FRS, CR, p-Linac, SIS100, pbar separator, common systems

2. Two-level PSP codes

For more information, please click here.

3. PoF programmes with GSI participation

Please refer to this page also: [login credentials required]

HUK main topic: 612: Cosmic Matter in the Laboratory (2015–2020) G:(DE-HGF)POF3-612

AP and PP main topics: 6211: Extreme States of Matter: From Cold Ions to Hot Plasmas (2015–2020) G:(DE-HGF)POF3-6211

PoF III research after 2015: In terms of PoF III research, GSI works in the research fields of Matter and Health. GSI is also involved in programme-related research.

PoF II research prior to 2014: In terms of PoF II programme-oriented research, GSI has participated in the programmes HUK Structure of matter, PNI Research with photons, neutrons, and ions and the Health programme. Participation in all PoF II research

4. Helmholtz Association-Initiative and Networking Fund (Helmholtz alliances, institutes, young investigators groups, etc.)

All projects from the Initiative and Networking Fund

Please enter Helmholtz Institute Jena as the department
Please enter Helmholtz Institute Mainz as the department
For Helmholtz alliances, such as EMMI, please enter EMMI as the department
Research training schools, e.g. HGS-HIREe
Young investigators groups
Virtual institutes
Joint Helmholtz-ROSATOM FAIR-Russia Research Centre
LSDMA portfolio
Detector technology and systems platform portfolio
ARD portfolio

5. EU projects with GSI participation

Please enter the contract numbers or the acronyms.


In 2012, GSI participated in 26 EU projects. In 2013, it participated in 14 EU projects. In 2014, it participated in 14 EU projects. In 2015, it participated in 8 EU projects.

Link to GSI data at EU/OpenAire

6. Externally funded projects


7. Cooperation agreements

FuE cooperation agreements/FuE projects/External R&D programme

Strategic cooperation agreements with Federal German universities
GSI-TU Darmstadt cooperation
GSI-U Frankfurt/M cooperation
GSI-U Gießen cooperation
GSI-U Heidelberg cooperation

GSI-CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research
GSI-KVI – Kernfysisch Versneller Instituut/Univ. Groningen

8. FAIR GmbH

Joint Helmholtz-ROSATOM FAIR Russia Research Centre

Cases where there are no cash flows to GSI:

Joint research: Since GSI does not receive any funding from joint research, please enter the abbreviation corresponding to the joint research project under "Additional information". This will enable others to search for it.

Other funding programmes: Other funding programmes can also be entered under "Additional information".
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