Grand challenges

This is where you enter any Grand challenges.

As soon as you start entering the Grand challenge or its abbreviation, the system will display a number of possible names. If applicable, select the correct entry from the list.

These keywords are used to describe the Grand challenges (GC), Key technologies (KT), or basic research and methods (other) for the research neutron source (FRM II) at Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ) in Garching.

Please select just one category from the drop-down list. If you need to select more than one category, the order of the entries is important. The primary GC, KT, etc. should be listed first. You can change the sequence of entries by clicking on an entry and dragging and dropping it to the correct position.

This classification process should be carried out as appropriate for all publications based on experiments or work performed at MLZ/FRM II.

Grand challenges (GC):
Earth & Environment & Cultural Heritage (GC) Geology, Earth mantle, high-pressure research, archaeology, archaeometry, restoration, arts, imaging techniques
Energy (GC) Energy conversion, storage, and transport, e.g. fuel cells, hydrogen storage, Si doping, superconductivity, batteries
Health & Life (GC) Biology, biophysics, medical research, radionuclides, cancer therapy, protein crystallography, complex polymers and biomolecules, foodstuffs
Information & Communication (GC) Correlated electron systems, magnetic data storage, magnetic nanostructures, spintronics
Key technologies (KT):
Chemical Reactions & Advanced Materials (KT) New materials, ferroelectrics, thermoelectric materials, solid-state physics
Engineering, Industrial Materials & Processing (KT) Engineering, industrial applications, applied materials research
Magnetic materials (KT) Basic research into superconductivity, magnetic ordering phenomena
Polymers, Soft Nano Particles & Proteins (KT) Ordering phenomena of soft matter, functionalized layer systems, reaction kinetics
Basic research, methods, other:
Basic Research (Other) Pure basic research
Instrument and Method Development (Other) Instrument and method development
Nuclei & Particles (Other) Ultracold neutrons (UCN), neutron lifetimes and decay, nuclear physics, quantum states, interferometry, fundamental data/reaction cross sections
Other Editorials, general review articles about FRM II, the MLZ, etc.
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