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TwistyPlugin A "twisty" is an interface toggle control to show and hide content. TwistyPlugin gives you several options to control the appearance of a twisty: ...
#VarTWISTYBUTTON TWISTYBUTTON Shorthand version for TWISTYSHOW TWISTYHIDE This is useful if both the show and the hide button take the same arguments. * Supported ...
#VarTWISTYHIDE TWISTYHIDE Hide/close link * Syntax: %TWISTYHIDE{id="myid" ... }% * Supported parameters: Parameter Value Description Remark ...
#VarTWISTYTOGGLE TWISTYTOGGLE Twisty Toggle contents section * Syntax: %TWISTYTOGGLE{id="myid"}% * Supported parameters: Parameter Value Description ...
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