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Group(s) involved

This field specifies the names of the organizational units involved in the publication.

As soon as you enter the field, the system displays your group. Select it, if applicable. To add additional groups startStart typing the name or abbreviation of the contributing institute(s) and select from the suggestions, if applicable. Once you start entering the name of the organizational unit, its official abbreviation, or the institute reference number (IRN), the system will show some suggestions. Select the correct entry and confirm by pressing enter. You can repeat this process as often as required. Please enter all organizational units involved in order to ensure that the publication lists on the websites of the relevant organizational units are complete.

Please note: The order of the groupsinstitutes is important. The main groupinstitute should appear first in the list. You may change the order by drag and drop using the mouse.

The first entry should reflect the department that has made the greatest contribution to the publication.

If the institution has no official institutes, enter the department names instead.

The departments must be listed in the order of the authors.

Please enter the departments in the same order as printed on the publication.

RWTH Aachen University


Please specify here which department and / or institute reference number (IRN) the registered publication is to be assigned to. Enter an indicative word from the name of the institute, the official abbreviation or the institute reference number in the appropriate field. A corresponding selection list of the RWTH departments is then displayed. Now all you have to do is click the required information and press the Enter button – and you are done. This process can be repeated as many times as you wish.



Please enter the names of the contributing departments. Enter the abbrevation or starting to type the department's name than you will get one or more selection. The first selection should be the department mainly associated with this publication. Please enter all contributing GSI departments (help: look the author-department assignment in the assigned authors below).

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